How to Gain Trust in Microsoft Dynamics GP and Realize Your True Potential

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Nothing is worse than wondering whether your financials are on track, especially if you’re running a business. Unfortunately, worrying about it doesn’t do much good and spending time double or even triple checking your work can take up too much time, greatly impacting your bottom line. 

We here at Sherwood Systems recently worked with a client that had lost all trust in their accounting solution for a number of reasons. First of all, they were not properly trained in how to use it. This happens more often than you think it would. Companies tend to think training can be skipped in order to save money, but that is never the case if you want to have a successful implementation. It’s also important to seek out an experienced and reliable software vendor to take you through the necessary implementation steps.  Our client had to undergo manual data entries within Microsoft Dynamics GP because they didn’t know how else to utilize the solution’s capabilities. These missed steps resulted in unreliable information and caused this company to worry about where they stood financially. 

We helped our client find confidence in their financial statements and reports by properly training them on the solution, implementing the right upgrades, and customizing the solution to meet their specific needs. They now trust that their Microsoft Dynamics GP solution is giving them an accurate snapshot of where they stand each day, each month, and each year. This newfound confidence gives our client the power to make the right decisions that prepare their company for growth and ultimate success. 

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By Sherwood Systems, an Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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