How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cost?

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Have you recently made the decision to upgrade your ERP/accounting software? Perhaps you’re considering purchasing a Microsoft Dynamics ERP for the very first time? Either way, the question bouncing around your head is probably “how much will it cost?”

The ERP Software Blog has recently released a Microsoft Dynamics ERP Quick Cost Estimate tool, which you can use to get a quick idea of the cost of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  The unique feature of this tool is that it does not just show you the software license fees it also estimates the cost of implementation and training (either basic or advanced). While this Quick Quote is not meant as a binding proposal, it does give you a fairly accurate estimate for you to begin your budgeting process. Then you can select a Microsoft ERP partner from our Directory of Microsoft Dynamics ERP Partners to work with to get a detailed, customized proposal with final pricing.

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2 thoughts on “How Much Does Microsoft Dynamics ERP Cost?”

  1. We are a Trading company, Involved in Sourcing Goods from India(Within State & Interstate Purchases too).
    We do Import also from few countries.
    We majorly supply to Modern Retail & eRetail customers, where billing also becomes a issue, as few a times there are about 1000 orders a day & According to the Sales Tax Procedures to Bill to the Customers singly at theprice the customer has actually bought the product becomes very difficult, But YES, We can import the data in Excel.

    So will Microsoft Dynamics ERP solve my purpose ? Can the data of Billing(Sales) be imported from Excel sheets & they are converted to Sales Instantly ?

    What would be the pricing I should be ready with ?

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