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Were you told by Intuit that you needed to upgrade your QuickBooks software, only to have it not work? 

This has been the reality for many QuickBooks users this week, causing business to grind to a halt.  If this has been the case for you and your organization, or if you are noticing unacceptable delays in the menus and screens when navigating QuickBooks or when reports take an unacceptable amount of time to print, then it may be time to consider making a move to a business solution that can more efficiently support your business needs. 

As a QuickBooks user, one of the easiest products to migrate to is Microsoft Dynamics GP, thanks to a proven migration path and implementation methodology.  Transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics GP is a smart move for growing businesses because it:

  • Has more features than QuickBooks
  • Provides better financial reporting
  • Directly integrates with Microsoft Office

A 2008 analysis by The Accounting Library found that Microsoft Dynamics GP met 84% of typical user requirements whereas QuickBooks met only40%.  And the Dynamics GP product has taken giant leaps forward from where it was in 2008 with the release of GP 2010 last year and GP 2010 R2 in early 2011. 

To learn more about why Microsoft Dynamics GP might be a “smart move” for your business, visit www.asmartmoveohio.com and request a QuickBooks Replacer Kit.

By Socius, an ERP software partner in Ohio, California, and Kansas City

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