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Andrew King, WebSan Solutions, Inc.

Avoid Disaster in the Cloud with On-Demand Dynamics GP

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Disaster recovery is often neglected until an actual disaster occurs.  A number of people assume it will never happen to them.  We don’t drive cars without insurance, so why compute without a disaster recovery plan?

Well enter the cloud with hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP

Have access to files & reports when you want them.  Take the worry out of disaster recovery.  Accessing your ERP over the net has never been more secure, convenient, or faster.  When you enter the cloud with WebSan, we ensure the highest level of disaster recovery.  We have redundancy upon redundancy to protect your data - from protection against power failures, to floods, to fire.

Never worry again about a service disruption.

Adam MacIntosh, Senior Project Manager, WebSan Solutions Inc., a Canadian Microsoft Dynamics Partner.

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