4 Outside Pressures Pushing You Toward ERP

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Above and beyond the countless business benefits that an enterprise resource planning (ERP) software solution can provide to your organization, there are four key external factors that can have a profound impact on your decision to implement an ERP system.  Because these factors are forces outside of your control, they actually may have a greater bearing on your need for an ERP solution than any of the internal reasons you may be considering.  They are…

  1. The Market – One of the most critical ways to stay competitive in a tough market is to streamline your processes so that you can do business more efficiently.  It is incredibly dangerous to buy into the myth that your back-office processes has no bearing on the perception and position of your business in the marketplace.  Your ability to compete and thrive is affected by every facet of your business and since ERP systems impact every area of your organization, they are a logical way to gain better control over your business, data, and position in the market.
  2. Your Network – No business is an island – you interact with and depend on suppliers, distributors, customers and clients, and other organizations every day.  An ERP solution can make these interactions streamlined and seamless while making it easier to respond to and meet the requirements of the organizations and individuals you interact with quickly and efficiently.
  3. Shareholders & Stakeholders – Whatever your business structure or function, you have people relying on it to succeed.  The internal benefits that you gain by implementing an ERP system also have direct benefits for those individuals.  An ERP solution that helps you cut costs and improve profit margins means pleased and confident shareholders.
  4. Government – Regardless of your industry, there are undoubtedly government imposed regulations that require your compliance.  The right ERP system will automate your various compliance processes which will prepare you to efficiently handle audits and reduce the time and burden of complying with these regulations.

If your organization is feeling the pressure of these four external forces on your business, download these “Five Tips to a More Successful Software Selection” to get off to a solid start on your ERP software selection process.

By Socius, an ERP solutions partner in Ohio, Kansas, and California

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