PaperSavePro Document Management is Splendor Shower Door’s Clear Solution

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Splendor Shower Door, a Holland, Ohio-based manufacturer of shower doors and custom enclosures, was running out of space for hard copies despite using its own system of scanning, storing, and organizing documents on a server.  They were in need of a robust document management system that seamlessly integrates to Microsoft Dynamics GP, like PaperSavePro.

In the past, customers would send in drawings of the products they needed; then customer service representatives would create a manufacturing order, make copies, and send those off to different departments. Vice President of Operations Rob Reese, who works out of the Ohio office, complained that communications suffered: “As we grew to open the Birmingham and Atlanta facilities, the paperwork was here [and our employees] didn’t have access to it so we would have to retrieve it here and fax it to them.”

Before the PaperSavePro document management solution, Splendor’s customers who called in need of a replacement door or panel had to physically remeasure because both parties had purged or stored the drawings in a virtually unreachable place. Now, Reese explained, even if a customer ordered a unit two years ago, any of Splendor’s employees can retrieve the drawing instantly, cutting the research time from days to a matter of minutes: “I call it ‘auto-magic!’”

The PaperSavePro document management solution helped Splendor in many other ways, like enabling a document—like a work order—to travel through departments, allowing staff members to annotate it and then pass it on for more annotation, distribution, and retrieval. “It didn’t take long to get the Forms Recapture module from PaperSavePro created,” he said. “I think it was six weeks from the time we did the demo to the time we went live.” He added that his company “turned the switch on” after only three hours of training—and installation was faultless.

Reese reported that his company didn’t have to buy any hardware and found that PaperSavePro seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Dynamics GP. He also added that, from a support perspective, he was impressed. “The executive staff at PaperSave has been great. Even things that aren’t their issue, they worked out the problem and got us the resolution.”

“The return on the investment came from the one application we were pursuing it for,” Reese claimed. “The icing on the cake came from the other functionality we were able to implement.”

To uncover the other ways Splendor used the PaperSavePro document management solution to save time and money, plus improve office efficiency and customer service, read the Splendor  Shower Door case study.

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  1. A very special THANKS to Rob Reese, Vice President of Operations at Splendor Shower Door. In two words, he was able to sum up how wonderful PaperSavePro document management software has been for his organization - "auto magic"!

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