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Need Additional Microsoft Dynamics GP Analytical Accounting Reporting?

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 It seems that as more people begin utilizing the Microsoft Dynamics Analytical Accounting (AA) module, I get more and more requests for additional AA reporting capabilities.  The distribution and multi-level queries that come with Analytical Accounting are very nice.  They link in with and can be launched directly from SmartList once you up the queries.  However, those queries don’t always contain all the information or features desired by Microsoft Dynamics GP users .

For instance, many users want to restrict their search based on a GL account range or they want to be able to use the “Go To” button from SmartList to zoom to the Analytical Accounting source transaction.  These kinds of additional reporting features can be accomplished with a product called SmartList Builder (SLB).  SLB allows you to add additional tables into SmartList so you can view more data than with regular SmartList.  Once the additional tables are linked in to SmartList, you can use all the regular SmartList features such as changing which columns are displayed and in what order, restricting data to only the subset you search on, using the Go To buttons to zoom back to transactions, and exporting directly to Microsoft Office Excel.

At Intelligent Technologies, we have created SmartList Builder queries to help you with your Analytical Accounting data reporting.  Contact us for more information on this or any other Microsoft Dynamics GP needs!  

Beth Hodge, Microsoft Business Management Solutions Professional

Intelligent Technologies, Inc., South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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