Microsoft Partner Network – Gold, Silver Competencies and What it All Means

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The Microsoft Partner Network (MPN) has been in effect now for over half a year and we thought it might not be a bad idea to refresh those who are unsure of what it exactly is and also explain the importance of the change. Perhaps the most profound change lies in the levels given to Microsoft partners. The revamped partner network marks the end of the Gold Certified and Certified levels of the Microsoft Partner Program. Instead of simply being branded as a Microsoft Certified or Gold Certified Partner at a much broader company level, partners are now just Microsoft Partners and are evaluated as Gold or Silver based on specific competency areas that they specialize in.

Old MPP Logo vs. New MPN Logo

This focus on specialized competencies gives organizations looking for solutions from Microsoft Partners a better idea of where a particular company stands and also differentiates what type of specific skills and expertise they may have. Partners can earn either Silver or Gold in over 28 competencies to help distinguish themselves, with Gold requiring a longer checklist of requirements.

Microsoft officials believe this will deliver value to customers and distinguish partners better by highlighting each company’s specific skill set. As part of the requirements to acquire a Silver or Gold Competency partners must undergo testing, certification, reference building and surveys to be certified for particular competencies.

Having been involved with the Microsoft Partner Program for many years, our team at Azox knows the importance of the new partner network requirements and have taken the proper actions to become a Gold Partner in the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Competency. This distinguishes Azox as being best in class for deploying Microsoft Dynamics financial and supply chain solutions to companies with ecommerce and payment processing for Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Many partners on the ERP Software Blog have also obtained Gold or Silver competencies specific to their business expertise and many more are in the process of doing so. If you are in the market for Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions, be sure to look for partners who have or are working towards obtaining these designations. Read more about Azox obtaining the ERP Gold Competency.

By Azox Inc., - E-Commerce for Microsoft Dynamics GP

2 thoughts on “Microsoft Partner Network – Gold, Silver Competencies and What it All Means”

  1. I need to know, what are the silver partner are allowed to use the software’s, any problem, if we download free tools from Internet.

    let me know

  2. Congratulations to Azox from Altico Advisors. And thanks for the comprehensive explanation of what the new competencies mean. Altico is pleased to have achieved Gold and Silver, too – Gold Enterprise Resource Planning and Silver Customer Relationship Management. Just more proof that the ERP Software Bloggers are a top notch group.

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