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Microsoft Dynamics GP Customer Overcomes Stall and Revs Engine with Dynamics EDI

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With upgrades to Dynamics GP 2010 R2 on the horizon, not only is it important that you have a Dynamics EDI solution that works with your current Dynamics GP platform, but one that you know will give you the flexibility to upgrade when the time is right for your business. The last thing you need when it comes time to upgrade are the additional hassles and costs of employing additional, unnecessary third-party solutions.  And with some of your peers already making the leap, or at least planning for it, there’s much you can learn from their experiences, from vendor evaluation to product implementation, whether you’re implementing GP for the first time or planning for an upgrade.

Audubon Metals, a heavy-media separator and secondary specification aluminum alloy producer based in Kentucky, was running Microsoft Dynamics GP v8 with a planned upgrade to GP 2010. This GP 8 customer relied on their Kentucky-based partner to find an easy-to-implement replacement EDI solution provider with automotive expertise  to meet their EDI for Dynamics GP requirements. After facing a 6 month delay due to an EDI implementation failure with another Dynamics GP solution, the customer was at a critical state with their OEM automotive customers, including Nissan. Nissan demands accurate and timely EDI processing from all of its suppliers and, with the delays due to the failed implementation, time had run out.   

The partner was able to locate the replacement Dynamics EDI solution and in a very short timeframe, the new ISV had enabled outbound ASN’s for GP in just a few weeks, helping Audubon gain the necessary approvals to go into production.

How did Audubon get resolution so quickly after a 6-month stall? They found a Dynamics EDI solution that relies on SQL views to retrieve shipment data from Dynamics GP that is then transformed into the needed ASN’s without any extra effort by Audubon’s staff.  Then existing maps can be used to gain fast compliance without Dynamics GP ERP changes or engaging in a complex development process. With this new solution, transitioning to GP 2010 is a snap – simply point the existing EDI system to the new Dynamics GP database and the system is ready to run!   It can be that easy when it comes to EDI.  

With CUM’s management, bi-directional integration of key documents such as Production Forecasts, Production Releases, ASN’s and many other documents required in the automotive supply chain, Dynamics GP users can get an effective automotive EDI solution for North America and beyond.  All accomplished without invasive customizations, huge expense or risk of failure.

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by Data Masons Software, Microsoft Dynamics ISV Partner

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