Go Green with Financial Reporting in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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Management Reporter is a scalable client server Financial Reporting tool developed by Microsoft using Microsoft SQL Server as a database. It is used by Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 users to create Financial Reports such as Income Statements, Balance Sheets, and Statements of Cash Flow. MR’s easy to use building blocks (rows columns and trees) allow you to slice and dice your account structure by account, location, cost center, etc. and give you summarized data as well as allowing you to drill down to details. 

Reports can be published to printers, PDF, Excel, XML, email attachments, and a web server. Users that want to go green and get rid of paper can publish the monthly financials to a web server and they can review the reports and drill down to the detail without the paper. Finding last month’s financial package is as easy as opening a web application and printing or reviewing from there.

All current Dynamics GP customers using FRx for financial reporting will be migrating to MR at a time that is convenient for them. FRx is supported for existing customers on the current version - Dynamics GP 2010 until mainstream support ends. We find some customers are excited about publishing reports to the web server and have made the leap. There are others that find the currency translation feature added in February, 2011 to be superior. More and more features are added each month. 

When you need financial reporting assistance, work with a partner that has over thirteen years of experience and is staffed with seasoned CPAs - Crestwood Associates.  We are your Chicago Illinois Microsoft Partner - Gold Certified for ERP.

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