Comparing Cloud Computing to your Electricity Bill: Access to ERP Software is that Easy

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One of the better explanations going around about cloud computing today is that it’s similar to the delivery of electricity. Rather than having your software onsite at the office, you buy it from a provider who invests in the means to generate it online. This delivery model helps businesses continue “business as usual” without having to really worry about where their solutions come from… just like electricity.

Dependable and “invisible” infrastructure: Much like electricity, your ERP Software is there when and wherever you need it. It’s as easy as flipping on a switch to get what you need and most companies forget it’s even there because they don’t have to deal with the headaches of maintenance and support. Companies can do what they know best and that is running their business efficiently and productively.

Pay for what you use: On a monthly basis, your electric company checks your meter and charges you for the amount you used. The same goes for ERP software in the cloud: you pay for the number of users active on the software. Because the cloud is so scalable, it allows adding resources when demand exceeds current capacity.

We understand this model can make companies a bit uneasy at first. But rest assured that advancements have been made to make sure your data is safe on highly secured environments. For example, we here at SSi Consulting use the Reston Coresite hosting center which provides backup power, redundant internet, and 24x7 security. We also work closely with Microsoft who has invested millions in ensuring data security through cloud computing.

Next time you flip the switch to turn on your lights, imagine having that power with your ERP software. It is possible and SSi Consulting can help you get there with our world class infrastructure. Contact us for more information on how to get started.

By SSi Consulting, Maryland Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

SSi Consulting is a Gold-Certified partner serving customers in the Mid-Atlantic area offering hosted Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics SL at very low monthly rates. Whether you need accounting software, job cost accounting, help with your wholesale/distribution supply chain, or business management solutions for non-profits, SSi is your total solution provider.

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