3 Ways ERP Business Accounting Software Helps You Overcome Obstacles, Prevent Panic, and Engender a Calm Response to Change

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Why would anyone wait until their system crashes before addressing pressing problems? Why would a company ignore multiple databases busting at the seams or poor customer service due to inefficient processes? Well, perhaps it’s just natural to deny business pain as long as possible. With good ERP business accounting software—and for project-based organizations that includes project costing, management, and project accounting found in Microsoft Dynamics SL—it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three steps to overcome business obstacles in a calm manner:

1 – Eliminate Information Silos – Establish one system of truth—one view of your projects and value chain from start to finish. Creating a single view of your critical information as it applies to each project, resource, partner, and customer ensures that better decisions are made each step of the way.

2 – Enable Standardized Processes – First, lose the separate systems. Then enable self-service processes within one foundational integrated system that allows you to track and access all information, activities, project budgets, costs, billings, and more. In short, equip your workforce without shortchanging improved financial performance.

3 – Empower Team Collaboration – Use role- and web-based collaboration and communication portals to help employees gain direct access to the information and resources they need to do their jobs more efficiently. Make it easy to collaborate, share documents, access project timelines, and contribute project milestone updates.

A good ERP system does much more than financial management. It gives you the visibility and flexibility you need to calmly adjust to business conditions rather than go into panic mode when a system crashes or processes become too cumbersome. Read Full Article: Adjust to Trends Instead of Averting Disasters

By Synergy Business Solutions, a Microsoft Dynamics SL partner serving the West Coast.

1 thought on “3 Ways ERP Business Accounting Software Helps You Overcome Obstacles, Prevent Panic, and Engender a Calm Response to Change”

  1. Great article. Instinctively, we all try to avoid or minimize pain. This is true for individuals as well as business organizations. However, in our attempts to reduce pain, we too often focus on eliminating the symptoms without addressing the underlying root cause. We may feel temporary relieve but our short-term decisions only lead us to a point were the pain resurfaces and the available options to address the pain become more limited and costly. In the next sections, we will discuss how to address business pain by effectively utilizing your existing ERP investment.


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