Ten Signs That You May Have Outgrown QuickBooks and How Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help

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QuickBooks is one of the most popular small business accounting systems on the market.  There is no denying the success of the product with over 3.5 million users.  For the money, QuickBooks provides good value and a reasonable assortment of features to meet the needs of most small businesses and startups.  However, it does have limitations that prevent the accounting software from meeting the needs of many mid-size companies and organizations.  Brittenford Systems has talked with many companies that were using QuickBooks and looking for a new accounting software.  Some of the specific challenges these companies faced were:

  1. User Count Limitations
  2. Need for Enhanced Internal Controls
  3. Lack of Integration Between other Software
  4. Inability to Customize for Specific Needs

Here they are – the ten signs you’ve outgrown QuickBooks and how Microsoft Dynamics GP can help.

  1. You Are Growing and Need a Scalable Solution
    Depending on the version of QuickBooks you are using, you could be limited to under twenty-five simultaneous users with the Online Edition. Performance could still be an issue.  Microsoft
    Dynamics GP can scale to over 1,000 concurrent users.  Performance scales are based on reliable performance of Microsoft SQL Server database engine.
  2. Internal Controls Have Become Increasingly Important To you
    As your business grows, the owner can’t be involved in every transactions so more internal controls are needed.  Microsoft Dynamics GP has audit trails that provides a record of “who”, “what”, and “when”.
  3. You Need Workflow Tools for More Control and Efficiency
    As your company grows, you need to handle documents electronically to save time.  QuickBooks provides no workflow tools.  Microsoft Dynamics GP users can monitor and act on workflow transactions in GP, Outlook, and SharePoint Server.
  4. QuickBooks Inventory Functionality is Not as Robust as You Require
    For example, QuickBooks does not support serialized inventory, multiple warehouses, bar coding, or demand forecasting.  Microsoft Dynamics GP does have these capabilities.
  5. Advanced Warehousing and Distribution Functionality is Required
    This is an extension of the inventory limitations found in QuickBooks.  There is no auto-generation of purchase orders when stock falls below pre-established minimum.  Within QuickBooks you are limited to 100 price levels for customers, leading to manual overrides and errors.  Microsoft Dynamics GP supports RMAs, demand forecasting, blanket purchase orders, lot tracking, and more.
  6. You Have Expanded Internationally
    QuickBooks cannot mix-and-match international versions, has no language option on user interface, and it supports only one currency. Microsoft Dynamics GP works around the world and supports multiple currencies.
  7. You Need Better Integration with Microsoft Office and Other Applications
    QuickBooks has limited integration with Microsoft Word and Excel.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is fully integrated with Microsoft Office.  The user interface is very similar to Outlook.  Reporting and analysis interfaces with Microsoft Excel.
  8. You Need Additional Financial and Operational Reports Beyond What QuickBooks Provides
    QuickBooks does not handle defined reporting periods.  The financial statements out of QuickBooks are hard-coded and generally cannot be changed.  QuickBooks does not support statistical information or KPIs.  Microsoft Dynamics supports Unit Accounts so you can track units, head counts, square footage, or what you need specific to your business.
  9. Your Client Needs More Robust CRM
    Typically CRM in small business should include records of all customer interactions.  This can lead to greater customer satisfaction and increased revenue and profitability.  QuickBooks CRM is limited to five users and has no support for sales management or contract management.  Microsoft Dynamics GP has an integration solution – Microsoft Dynamics CRM.
  10. You Require Exceptional Functionality at an Affordable Price
    QuickBooks cost can be higher than perceived.  You have 100% annual upgrade cost in Pro and Premier editions.  Cost of licenses in Enterprise Solutions that may not be needed.  There is a lot of cost in work around if QuickBooks isn’t doing just what you want it to do.  Microsoft Dynamics GP is affordable and has the option to be a hosted solution.  You can also utilize light users for some employees that might not need a full user license purchase.

Brittenford Systems has helped many companies in the mid-Atlantic region migrate off QuickBooks and improve their business with Microsoft Dynamics GP.  To view our recording webcast on Signs You’ve Outgrown QuickBooks visit our website.  You can also read QuickBooks Migration case studies like Titan Fitness on our website.

by Brittenford Systems,

2 thoughts on “Ten Signs That You May Have Outgrown QuickBooks and How Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help”

  1. Tyson Canino  

    Good tidings, Generally I never remark on online journals yet your article is persuading to the point that I never stop myself to say something regarding it. You're working effectively, Keep it up. You can look at this article, may be of help 🙂

  2. Great article, thanks. The next logical question is, where do these companies go to evaluate new software when they finally realize that they've outgrown QuickBooks? Do they search the Web? Seek advice from their accountants or their outsourced IT providers? Do they naturally think about Microsoft for their business solution software because they probably already use Microsoft desktop applications like Outlook? We hope so.

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