Hospitals Throw Out Old Practices and Technologies: On to Newer and Better Days with ERP Software

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According to this article, “There has been a significant growth in the health care industry which has enabled the hospitals to use latest technology like ERP for better services and provide value for money to their patients. Hospitals cannot afford to follow old practices and technologies. They need to be updated in terms of use of latest technology and faster information transfer for better services and to retain their patients.”

ERP software can be a big help for the health care industry, enhancing human resources (HR), patient record tracking, and materials management. Although industry-specific solutions for the health care industry may not be up to par with industries such as distribution or manufacturing, Microsoft Dynamics® GP is paving the way in this particular sector:

  • Microsoft Dynamics GP simplifies HR management through its integration capabilities. You can also streamline HR management with Payroll and HR reports, including employee attendance, hours, and primary pay.
  • Microsoft Dynamics GP also makes patient management a breeze through automated processes and communication capabilities. Hospitals can reduce the manpower needed to set up appointments, process billing, enter insurance, discharge or transfer patients, and more with Microsoft Dynamics GP.
  • Management of materials can also be simplified through reduced stock outages and lower inventory costs. Bar-coded labels, handheld data collection capabilities, expiration dates, serial and lot management, and multi-bin and multi-location management ensure that supplies are on-hand when needed.

Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers the comprehensive financial solution with features and tools that health care providers need to run the business end. Download this whitepaper to learn more about healthcare specific capabilities within Microsoft Dynamics GP and feel free to contact us for more information.

By Socius, Ohio Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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