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Are You Missing the Opportunity to Improve Customer Loyalty Through Performance Management?

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Historically, organizations measured performance through financial results, either the success of profits or failure through liquidation. Traditional performance measures, based on cost accounting information, provide little support to organizations trying to build the total quality processes that performance management requires. True performance management should map process outcomes to customer response with continuous, multi-level monitors.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP and Excel you’re not confined to out of the box reports that don’t allow you to look at the future as well as the past. You can analyze and visualize data using data cubes displayed as key performance indicators (KPIs) with drill-down capabilities that let you get to the detail behind the numbers. Performance management is all about keeping standards high and customers happy – which is not easily monitored with out of the box accounting reports.

Why is measuring performance important?

In the cycle of never-ending quality improvement, performance measurement should:

  • Track progress against high level organizational goals,
  • Identify opportunities for improvement,
  • Compare performance against both internal standards and customer response.

Performance measurements will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organization so you know where to focus on improvement.  When quality assurance is critical to your organization’s success (and whose isn’t) track those measurements that are the bellweathers of customer loyalty.  Whether it’s customer returns, unfilled orders or other KPIs – focus on the ones that are specific to your business success.

Does your current accounting system keep you in the dark?

If you aren’t monitoring the real KPIs that build customer loyalty and employee accountability, your managers may not be making the best decisions.  KPI measurements to support better decisions should be designed to:

  1. Ensure customer requirements have been met.
  2. Set sensible, measurable objectives with specific accountability.
  3. Provide standards for establishing comparisons.
  4. Provide visibility and a “scoreboard” for people to monitor their own performance level.
  5. Highlight quality problems and determine areas for priority attention.
  6. Provide feedback for driving the improvement effort.

Customer loyalty is no longer something you can take for granted. With the overload of data presented to managers, you need to give them KPIs that will help them notice trends and changes in buying behavior.  Dynamics GP will deliver.

Find out how KTL Solutions can help you put performance management tools in place to keep your business thriving.  Contact Gary at 301-360-0001 or today.

by KTL Solutions, a Washington D.C. Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner 

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