What Does the MS GP Dynamics Analytical Accounting Module Do?

Recently I wrote about Microsoft Dynamics GP Project Accounting and its features.  When someone considers purchasing PA they frequently struggle to decide whether it or the Analytical Accounting option is better suited to their needs.  With this entry I thought I would spend a little time describing the basic functionality of the Analytical Accounting tool.  Hopefully it will shed some light on the differences between the two and help make your decision a little easier.

Just like Project Accounting, Analytical Accounting (AA) allows you to keep track of revenues and expenses for a specific project, job, or any other work subcategory your company may use.  It also allows you to group projects together and report on that grouping as a whole.  Additionally, to help you stay on track those reports include both actual and budget figures. 

Analytical Accounting allows you to track projects without adding segments to your chart of accounts.  It can be used in conjunction with General Ledger transactions, Bank Reconciliation transactions, Payables Management transactions, Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Receivables Management, and Inventory transactions.  It does not exist as a separate module.  Instead, it adds functionality to the modules you choose to link it with.  Analytical Accounting is completely GL Account-driven, so it links to the GL distributions on transactions.  When you distribute to an account that is linked to Analytical Accounting, the AA Distribution window automatically opens and allows you to type in or choose an appropriate code. 

Analytical Accounting codes can be numeric, alphanumeric, Boolean (Yes/No), or date.  Codes can be set up as optional or required for specific accounts.  They can be multi-level, and the setup allows you to specify which combinations of levels are allowed.  AA has its own SmartList views, as well as a Query Wizard that guides you through setting up your own queries based on your company’s needs.  These queries execute and export data directly into Excel – a great feature that once you’ve tried it, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without!

In addition to what I’ve described here, there’s been a wide variety of helpful and time saving features added to AA since it was originally introduced.  So, if you previously considered AA but haven’t looked at it recently, it’s worth checking out again!

At Intelligent Technologies, Inc., we have an expert staff ready and willing to assist you in implementing any of the Microsoft Dynamics GP modules.  Contact us today to start getting the most out of your software solutions! 

Beth Hodge, Microsoft Business Management Solutions Professional

Intelligent Technologies, Inc., South Carolina Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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