Using SmartLists to Manage by Exception

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Management by exception (MBE) is a powerful management practice whereby management set expectations (budgets, plans, and strategies), create situations and environments to meet those expectations, and then focus their time and energy on areas where variances occur. This allows strategic decision-makers to spend more time on important duties and tasks.

Microsoft Dynamics GP is a great way to implement and administrate MBE in an organization. The system ships with several predefined reminders including alerts for overdue invoices and payables due.

SmartLists allow the creation of custom exception alerts and reminders. Here is a brief example: A manager wants to be alerted if the number of unreconciled cheques is greater than one hundred. Start by modifying the standard Bank Transactions SmartList and adding a Reconciled (YES/NO) column, and then restricting the results to those that contain NO.



Next, save the SmartList as a Favourite and select the Add favourite and reminder option.


Finally, enter the reminder threshold.


A custom alert now appears on the home page in the To Do area if the number of unreconciled cheques exceeds the threshold limit. Clicking the Unreconcile Cheques link opens the SmartList which allows users to drill down for more information.


 Using SmartList Builder allows the creation of even more powerful SmartLists and alerts.

 Discover how Microsoft Dynamics GP can enable you to focus on what’s really important in your business.

 By Tom Ross, WebSan Solutions Inc, a Certified Canadian Dynamics Partner

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