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Understanding the Mobile Computing Trends Before Moving Forward

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Rather than getting caught up in mobile mania, businesses may want to wait until the full landscape of hardware, operating systems, and business applications becomes clear. Here are some trends to watch and understand before you move forward with mobility ERP solutions:

  • Choices will expand. As tablet computers get more popular, they will (and already have) introduce new sizes and features. Many vendors are hoping that lighter weight and increased portability will win over buyers.  Smartphones also contain emails and contact lists, limiting the number of devices that carry sensitive information that improves security.
  • Smartphones will get even smarter. Although it may be hard to believe our smartphones getting even smarter, it’s important to note that smartphones will come with faster processors, including some with high-performance, dual-core chips. The added power could make running mobile versions of business applications more efficient.
  • Mobile operating systems will multiply. Some people in the technical community say there are operating systems that surpass the two most popular mobile systems now on the market. This will then start the trend of multiple offerings going to market soon.


Technology is a tough thing to keep up with, but when your business operations depend on it, it’s important to try. Deploying large numbers of mobile devices without deciding how they fit into your overall IT strategy risks incurring new costs and maintenance headaches without a clear ROI. Security is another big concern, especially since pervasive firewalls designed to protect network perimeters won’t completely guard organizations when more staff members start connecting to internal networks from outside.

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By Rimrock Corporation, Toronto Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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