Top 5 Ways to Personalize Dynamics GP 2010

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Top 5 ways to personalize Dynamics GP 2010

One of Microsoft Dynamics GP’s greatest strengths is its inherent ability to be “personalized” by the end-user.  This personalization allows for the software to be tailored and configured to the tastes and preferences of each individual user.  No more “one size fits all” approach within the software.

Increased end-user enthusiasm and embracing of the Dynamics GP system is often the direct result of these personalizations.  The less ‘friction’ encountered by the end-users as they perform their tasks, the more likely you will be to have happy employees, thus allowing the company to realize the full potential of their new system.

Take advantage of emerging industry-wide standards and an extensive set of tools to customize, extend, and further integrate your Microsoft Dynamics GP business solution. Personalization and Customization Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP enables developers to create real-time, transactional connections between Microsoft Dynamics GP and other applications, so they can expand potential for new features and functionality, while maximizing the upgradeability of your solutions.

1. Home Page

A home page provides easy access to information that you need for your job. From your home page, you can see a summary of your appointments, a list of your tasks and reminders, and the number of unread e-mail messages that you have, as well as other information specific to your job.

The first time that you log in to Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can select a role that is similar to your job if you are not already assigned a role, and information that might be specific to your job will be available to you. You also can select to use a basic home page which is empty and you can then customize the layout of your home page.

2. Workflow

Incorporating workflow automation into business-specific processes can help organizations maximize efficiency, practice proactive management, and respond quickly to changing conditions. When deployed with Microsoft® Office SharePoint® Server 2007, Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers straightforward, flexible workflow capabilities that automate alerts and notifications for key business tasks.

3. Tasks and Reminders

You can set up customized reminders to alert you when a SmartList favorite meets the conditions that you specify. You also can specify whether the custom reminder should be displayed as a Cue in the Home Page. For example, for the default SmartList favorite named Customer Balance, you can set up a customized reminder to let you know when a customer’s balance is larger than $1,000.

4. Security Roles

Security tasks Security tasks are assigned to roles and grant access to windows, reports, files, and other resources within Microsoft Dynamics GP that your users need to access in order to complete a specific task. Some default security tasks have been created for you. For example, the DEFAULTUSER task allows users to access things that most users will need to access in Microsoft Dynamics GP.

Security roles Security roles contain the security tasks that a user needs to access to do their job. Some default security roles have been created for you. For example, the ACCOUNTING MANAGER* role contains security tasks that allow a user who is assigned to this role to view General Ledger account information, enter journal entries, enter bank transactions, and perform other tasks that an accounting manager might need to perform.

Individual users Individual security is role-based in Microsoft Dynamics GP. Each user must be assigned to a security role before they can access any forms, reports, or other data within Microsoft Dynamics GP. To begin assigning user security, identify the daily tasks that a user completes within Microsoft Dynamics GP. Then either select from the default security roles or create new security roles that only grant access to the tasks that the user needs.

5. Extender

Capture business-specific information that meets your needs and make fast, easy modifications without writing code. Extender for Microsoft Dynamics® GP incorporates powerful features that enable you to build new screens, custom grids, and additional data windows. You can also track detail notes and easily launch ad hoc queries based on new business data.

By TMC, your Southern California Dynamics GP Partner

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