Tighten Reporting Security with a Secure Microsoft Dynamics ERP Solution

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Picture this:  A new company spends thousands of dollars creating layers of IT security, physical building security, and an employee identification  system.  Many of the accounting reports which certain employees create are off limits to other employees, but when the employees with clearance print their documents, they end up in a central copier/printer that everyone can access.  Suddenly security goes out the door.

While this might seem like an extreme example of poor internal office security, many offices deal with sensitive documents and information on a daily basis - information that anyone with a computer workstation can access.  In some cases, you want certain reports to be public to all employees for collaborative purposes, but if you want to restrict information to an individual or small group, you need ERP software that allows you to set security policies.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP, you can assign security tasks and roles to control what users can see and access using the following tools:

●     Security Tasks - With security tasks, you can assign windows, files, reports, and specific resources to users, granting them access so that they can complete predefined tasks.  For example, one user may be responsible for aggregating data for an annual report once a year.  You can give that employee access to the necessary data for that task only.

●     Security Roles - While security tasks are for predefined tasks that may be temporary in nature, security roles define how much general access a user has for his or her daily work.  If you have an employee who will always collect data, compile, and send expense reports, you can define that specific role for that employee and no one else.

Because every user has a role and set of tasks assigned, you no longer have to worry about people accessing information they were not supposed to see.  To accomplish all of this, you need a serious ERP solution, and Microsoft Dynamics GP delivers the security features businesses need.

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