Tapping Into a Data Driven Environment Through Dynamic Business Alerts and Reporting

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Are you looking for a more efficient way to monitor the pulse of your company and keep up with change? Using an integrated business management ERP solution, such as Microsoft Dynamics GP, which provides a comprehensive, real-time view of critical information can help you more effectively address the evolving demands of your business.

One of the great features of an ERP solution is that it allows you to proactively manage business conditions and data with real-time alerts and strong reporting. If you’re in the market for Microsoft Dynamics GP or are a current user, you should consider the exceptional reporting and business alert add-on functionality from leading Microsoft ISV Ei Dynamics.

An ERP solution is a great tool, but sometimes with so much data to sift through, it can be difficult to find what you need and run the reports you want quickly and easily. Wouldn’t it be great if you could make the data work for you? With Ei Dynamics tools you can! You can completely automate reporting, monitor and analyze data in real-time, receive business alerts, and quickly and easily setup workflow and business automation routines to reduce cost and save time.

Get Information to Right People at the Right Time

Wouldn’t be nice if you didn’t have to worry that an inventory item might go out of stock or if you knew that all your customers would be notified before their contracts expire? Business alerts through Ei Dynamics Dynamic Alerts tool is designed to keep you and your staff focused and informed on what they need to know and do. This business monitoring and alerting system is designed to intelligently monitor data across an entire enterprise regardless of database or system. Dynamic Alerts constantly monitors data based on user defined business rules and sends out notifications via email or text message whenever a rule is triggered.

With your staff, customers, and even vendors being informed with alerts, you don’t have to worry about missing a deadline or having unexpected issues arise anymore.  Proactivly pushing the data out via alerts can help lower business cycle times, dramatically improve employee communication, and allow your customers to enjoy personalized attention with every transaction.

Automatically Generate and Distribute Reports in Real Time

Forget about having to manually generate the reports you need. With Dynamic Reports and the unique workflow engine, you can automate the secure delivery of critical reports such as invoices, statements, quotes, and company financials via the web, which saves you time. And by generating and distributing reports automatically on an exception basis, you no longer need to manually login to the ERP solution to run key reports or preview on-line dashboards to determine if there is a problem.  Dynamic Reports acts as the eyes and ears of an organization and informs you and your staff of issues before they arise and provides the necessary information needed to take action.

With Microsoft Dynamics GP and Ei Dynamics it’s all about making the data work for you and increasing the productivity of your staff. If you want to learn more about the exceptional capabilities of these solutions, contact us at Borek Business Solutions. We are an Oregon-based Microsoft Gold Certified partner and have helped numerous companies and organizations large and small throughout the Pacific Northwest to evaluate ERP options and find solutions to improve overall efficiency and decision-making capabilities.

By Roger Borek, Borek Business Solutions, an Oregon-based Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner.

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