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Survival Tips for After Your ERP Software Go Live – When Your Consultant Is No Longer Part of Your Day to Day.

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As someone who has been involved on many levels, being an end user, a support manager, and a current consultant with , I have found that so much focus is put on implementing the application that as users begin the day to day activities of learning the product, problems arise and frustrations can overshadow the benefits of  using  Microsoft Dynamics GP .  

Suggestions for keeping you focused the first 3 months. 

  1. Document procedures (this saves time in training and can save cost when using consultants for future needs.)
  2. Familiarize and become comfortable with Customer Source and the knowledge base articles located there.
  3. Set up your Dynamics Home page to streamline daily activities
  4. Learn all the available tools including User Groups like GPUG, blogs post by Dynamics users including the ones by Microsoft VIP’s and the official Blog Site of Dynamics GP, attend or check out the web sites for Convergence’s held by Microsoft.
  5. Make a list of questions and or concerns and set a scheduled call with your consultant for at least the first month after implementation.

When initial training is completed it can be a bit daunting. With a lot of information to absorb, lots of small things that can make your jobs and roles easier are forgotten when learning a new system. Once end users are comfortable with their roles I would recommend having your consultant back out for a follow up day of training.  This allows you an opportunity to see the bells and whistles and have a consultant evaluate your procedures to see if there are more efficient ways to maximize the benefit and save time and frustration.  Have a consultant, or contact us in our Greensboro, NC office, to touch on some of the following things

  1. Smartlist – A way to search for specific information and export to excel, word, and emails a list of out of the box reports in smartlist.
  2. Home page – this tool is used to gather information inside and outside Dynamics.  It can be used to create shortcuts for daily activities or create shortcuts to documents and applications outside Dynamics including webpage links.
  3. Navigation pane – is another tool that can be utilized to streamline and save time.
  4. Short cuts – can be used to create a more efficient way to access often used websites, Dynamic GP windows, reports, graphs, and external applications and documents.
  5. Report options (this is invaluable now that you KNOW what you are doing and your needs)
  6. Make a wish list of things you would like to see/know about Dynamics. 
  7. Research additional module information  for modules you may already own or that would be of benefit to you. 

Dynamics is such a varied product and when utilized can make procedures and job functions easier and less cumbersome.  If you would like additional information please contact me I would be glad to answer your questions or address your needs.

-By Cindy Reeves - Sr. Consultant - Intelligent Technologies, Inc.


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