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Risk Management: Protect Your Organization With KPIs

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Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, help an organization define and measure progress toward organizational goals.  Simple enough.  But KPIs also serve as an indicator of activities or trends that can threaten the health of your organization. 

Mitigate risk with easy access to KPIs

The decision makers in your organization need regular, easy access to key business metrics so they will notice change and take action to investigate the causes.  With Microsoft Dynamic GP’s KPIs for Business Portal, you can define and deliver instant access to personalized views of key business information via a Web-based portal. Current ratio, inventory turns, orders received/orders shipped, and per capita employee expenses are just a few of the KPIs you can create.

Early alert on the front lines

The CEO, CFO, VP Sales, and purchasing manager have different sets of metrics that they know in order to monitor the activities of their teams. With KPIs defined for each department and continual access through Business Portal, risks can be identified and averted quickly.

From changing consumer trends to employee theft, KPIs can provide the front line of defense against the risks that your organization faces every day.  Business Portal for Dynamics GP will arm your managers with the information they need to protect your company.   

At KTL Solutions, we can help you build the system to monitor your company’s performance and mitigate risk.  Contact Gary at 301-360-0001 or today.

KTL Solutions, Washington D.C. Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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