Outgrow Manual Spreadsheets and Discover 3 Ways to Improve Organizational Performance

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Whether you are strictly a project-driven company with a need for precise project costing and accounting or you’re a professional services firm, time is often your product and frequently your nemesis. You need to speed up the time it takes to get to real-time, accurate information. In other words, you really need to outgrow manual spreadsheets—and the disparate databases from which they are typically drawn, along with the collaboration challenges, data corruption, formula errors, and decentralized record of changes they bring. Here are three ways an ERP and project costing software system (Microsoft Dynamics SL, as it is the optimum fit for project-based or professional services firms) can enhance your organizational performance:

1 - Automate Workflows and Processes: A new ERP system doesn’t mean you have to remove the comfortable environment of spreadsheets. Rather, that a new system can automate their ability to be refreshed with the most up-to-date information on demand, and remodel the data into a more meaningful representation.

2 – Cut Close Time in Half, or More: A new system can dramatically improve your close processes while using fewer resources. Rather than crunching numbers repeatedly to gain enough confidence in their accuracy, allow an integrated system with its reliable information to do most of the work. You and your team can then focus on managing performance.

3 – Implement Flexible Reporting: Microsoft Dynamics SL helps executives and managers have a true picture of business operations. Suddenly, generating customized reports—with up-to-date accurate information—is simplified. Ease of data analysis helps project managers track project performance, identify cost overruns, and solve problems before it’s too late and profitability suffers.
To learn more how to outgrow manual spreadsheets and improve performance, visit our project costing software page.

By Synergy Business Solutions, a West Coast Microsoft Dynamics SL ERP Gold Partner.

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