New CFO? It Might Be Time for New ERP Software

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The old saying, “out with the old, in with the new” seems to be quite relevant at the start of 2011. According to the Connecticut Hartford Business Journal 96 CEOs said goodbye to their positions in January 2011 (up 8% from the same month in 2010).  Many high-profile multinational corporations have started the year with new faces at the top.  These changes also often include other high-level positions, such as CFO (Chief Financial Officer). 

According to the Hartford Business Journal, “Approximately one-third (31) of January departures were resignations.  Another 25 CEOs stepped down, but remain with the company as a member of the board or in some other capacity. The government and non-profit sector led all industries in CEO turnover with 12 changes in January.  The financial sector and health care sector each saw nine CEOs leave their posts.”

Anytime a change like this occurs in an organization, it is an excellent time to re-evaluate your current ERP software and consider starting afresh.

The position of CFO can be an institution within itself.  That means you not only deal with the personality of the executives, but also their organizational structure, business management methods, and software preferences.  Many times, if a CFO sticks around long enough, the company will develop a multitude of workarounds to compensate for its ERP software’s limitations.

When the CEO and/or CFO exits, it ushers in a new opportunity to clean house with new policies, new management styles, new business objectives, and possibly new software to finally fix the company’s ERP problems, rather than working around them. 

Transitioning is never easy on a company, so why not kill two birds with one stone? Make your related major changes at the same time rather than going through each rough patch one at a time.  Technology grows and changes rapidly, so you will need a new ERP soon anyway, just to keep pace with your competition. 

As a new CFO, you can make it a priority to bring in a new ERP system, one that is more reliable, flexible, and integrated with your other software.  Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains) offers all of that and more.  Now is the right time to contact CAL Business Solutions and start preparing for the future. Call us at 860-485-0910.

by CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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