Microsoft Showcases Dynamics AX for Retail R2

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Microsoft showed off its latest release of Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail at EuroShop 2011, a recent technology trade fair held in Germany.  This new version was released earlier in February and adds a host of new features to an already powerful ERP tool for retailers.  Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail R2 provides point-of-sale functionality for enterprise-level and medium-sized retail businesses.

 Among the highlighted features are:

 ●     Store management

●     Merchandising

●     Enterprise agility

●     Customer Service

●     Retail Role Centers, which give users access to data more quickly and easily

●     Expanded scenarios and centralized management.  This helps retailers be more in tune with customer needs in order to provide a better overall retail experience.

●     New interfaces for item management and assortment, making workflow progress faster and smoother.

Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail R2 is available for purchase now in 50 countries and has new multi-lingual support, as well as new localization profiles and translations.  For example, an organization called China Horizon, in collaboration with China Post, chose Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail to provide a scalable retail ERP solution for their large Post Mart franchise store project, with plans to have 200,000 franchise stores within 5 years.  For such a massive undertaking, only a flexible and scalable ERP package, one that is easy to use and has adequate localization for China, would suffice.  The clear choice was Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 was released earlier this year as well, and it will work hand-in-hand with Microsoft Dynamics AX for Retail R2, and with a customer’s existing software, to deliver an end-to-end retail solution for businesses all over the world.  For more information about this new product contact an expert local Microsoft Dynamics AX partner.

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  1. HI

    I really need your help in the following procedures in Ax for Retail:
    1. Can I sell Kit & Assembly Items
    2. Can I sell from other stores in POS
    3. Can I see list of prices for scanned item in POS
    Thanks in Advance,

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