Microsoft Dynamics Business Portal vs. SharePoint

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At JourneyTEAM I get to work with many clients who use both Microsoft Dynamics ERP and SharePoint. Quite often a client will ask me if they should use SharePoint or Business Portal to solve a particular business need. I have come to realize that many people find the relationship between these two product lines to be quite ambiguous. Although some of them have heard of Business Portal, they aren’t sure what it is, how it might benefit them, or how it relates to SharePoint and Dynamics. The question is not really Dynamics Business Portal vs. SharePoint, but should we use Business Portal with SharePoint?

SharePoint is Microsoft’s web-based collaboration platform. It is designed to allow today’s information workers to quickly find the people, documents, and other data they need to do their jobs efficiently and effectively. SharePoint 2010 puts particular emphasis on connecting people, reducing redundant tasks, and providing a more intuitive user interface. It’s a product that has come a long way in the last couple of versions, and everyone seems to be excited about putting it to use.

Business Portal for Microsoft Dynamics runs on top of SharePoint and gives employees access to business information and Dynamics windows through a collection of SharePoint sites, without the need for a desktop client installation of Dynamics. It utilizes SharePoint’s architecture of lists, libraries, and workspaces to manage content and creates role-based desktops to provide employees with only the information that is relevant to their jobs. It expands the tasks users can complete without a Dynamics desktop client, and query pages allow employees to search through back office data right over the web. You might imagine Business Portal as the bridge between your Dynamics ERP system and your SharePoint portal.

Business Portal can be a great tool for companies that use Microsoft Dynamics and SharePoint.  Call JourneyTEAM at 801-436-6636 with your Dynamics Business Portal questions.

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Article by: Dave Bollard - Head of Marketing | 801-436-6636

JourneyTEAM is an award-winning consulting firm with proven technology and measurable results. They take Microsoft products; Dynamics 365, SharePoint intranet, Office 365, Azure, CRM, GP, NAV, SL, AX, and modify them to work for you. The team has expert level, Microsoft Gold certified consultants that dive deep into the dynamics of your organization and solve complex issues. They have solutions for sales, marketing, productivity, collaboration, analytics, accounting, security and more.

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