Is a SaaS (Hosted) Dynamics GP Implementation Really Easier?

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There is an expectation out there in the marketplace that implementing a sophisticated accounting solution in a hosted environment (like Hosted Dynamics GP) should be more straightforward than an on-premise one.

Well...that's partially true.

There's not much infrastructure to set up because it already exists. There's no desktop software to set up on the users' computers, because the system is accessed online. But ultimately, the Dynamics GP system implemented in a hosted environment is exactly the same as the one you would use on-premise and installed on a server in your office.

So from an infrastructure standpoint, the answer is definitely YES, but from a functional system setup perspective, it's no different than if you had purchased the system.

All that being said, the financial investment that a company has to make for a hosted Dynamics GP system is far less than if they purchase the system.

By : Andrew King, Managing Director, WebSan Solutions Inc, a Canadian Certified Microsoft Dynamics Partner representing British Columbia

1 thought on “Is a SaaS (Hosted) Dynamics GP Implementation Really Easier?”

  1. Other consideration that should be considered in the costs of Hosted ERP are updates, hot fixes, network maintenance, ongoing security/anti-virus as well as maintaining the scheduled backups. Hosting in a good data-center provides benefits, especially relevant today with the news of Japan, being, have a good DR strategy, facilities that are in geographical locations with a low disaster profile – such as ours in Minnesota – very rare for tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods or volcanoes…

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