I Hate My Reports! (Or Why to Change Your Accounting Software)

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When discussing with clients the reasons for a change in accounting software, I've heard several different responses:

  • I have to log out so she can log in, then he has to log out so I can log in...
  • The look and feel reminds me of my old Commodore 64
  • There's no more room on my toolbar for spreadsheet icons
However the most common reason I get for wanting to change accounting software has to be "I hate my reports".   And it's an answer I completely understand.  The whole purpose behind an ERP system should be to collect and aggregate different silos of information and provide analysis of that data in a relevant format.
Business owners require information in order to make decisions.  That information comes from different areas - sales, accounting, production, etc.  If the information being provided to the business owner doesn't effectively aid in the decision-making process, then there is a significant disconnect between the application and its value to the business.
Business Intelligence is a term that's tossed around quite a bit nowadays, and there are several ways that Microsoft has enabled Dynamics GP to provide information in a relevant and useful format.  I often compare it to Baskin Robbins and their 31 flavors.  How do you want to see your inforamation:
  • In an Excel Spreadsheet - OK, we can export and create a custom spreadsheet with real-time data
  • With Charts and Graphs - OK, we can customize your homepage in GP to include these items plus key KPIs
  • In a Browser - OK, we can create a dashboard specifically for you with information relevant to your position
When thinking of the reasons why your organization should change its accounting software program, I encourage any business owner to consider the information currently being delivered by the new system and ask yourself - "Is it relevant and does it help me make the important decisions that affect the success of my company?"  If the answer to that question keeps you up at night, I invite you to contact me and my colleagues at Jackson Thornton Technologies.
Nic Cofield
Jackson Thornton Technologies

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