Grant Management in Microsoft Dynamics GP, Warn Me!

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The Grant Management module in Microsoft Dynamics GP actually does more than I thought. It appeared initially that it just added a few windows for entering information and budgets for Grants, which Non-Profit companies receive and are required to track. 

What makes this more than just a place to store descriptive information  is that you can turn on validations. There are validations based on the budget or one that I think is especially key that validates your expenses against the grant revenue. One of the challenges when managing  grant revenue  is making sure your expenses don’t exceed the revenue received. This validation can be set to “Warn” or “Prevent Posting”. 

  • Period budget: Validation is based on the budget and actual amounts for the period of the transaction date. 
  • Grant-to-date: Validation is based on the grant-to-date budget and actual amounts up to the period of the transaction date. 
  • Grant life: Validation is based on the total budget and actual amounts for the life grant. 
  • Grant profit and loss validation: Validation is based on a comparison of the expenses and the grant revenue. Select “Warn” or “Prevent Posting” for each budget validation method. 

If you’re a not-for-profit, you can obtain more information by downloading the complimentary whitepaper titled “Five Ways Not-for-Profits Can Reduce Costs”. 

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By Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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