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Easy to Master Professional Services Tool Kit

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Help is Available… Dynamic GP required non changeable field frustrations..  – As a consultant involved in all stages of Dynamics GP that one of the least utilized tools within the Dynamics GP tool kit is the Professional Services Tools Library.  This product holds numerous tools that can be used for often requested changes needing to be made before or after Dynamics GP is up and running.

I will cover in detail a few of these most often requested items located in the toolkit.

  • System Tools
    • Database Disabler -  This disables databases and removes the Company from the sign in window.
    • Short Cuts Copy –  this tool makes it so you don’t have to manually set the shortcuts up for each user on the system.  This is useful for macros and external shortcuts as well.
  • Financial Tools
    • Account Modifier/Combiner – You can change previous account numbers into new account number or combine existing ones
    • Checkbook Modifier – You can change existing checkbook id within Dynamics GP without any loss to work, open or historical data.
    • Fiscal Period Modifier – Changing Fiscal Year Definitions and data in open and history tables.
    • General Ledger Master Record Triggers – This allows you to copy master records for account, customer and vendors from one database to another database.


  • Sales Tools
    • Customer Combiner – This allows you to combine two customers with different customer ID’s to one master record.  This includes open and historical data.

Additional tools available are listed below and descriptions are located at … Professional Services Tools Library

  • Company Splitter
  • Company Combiner
  • Customer Modifier
  • Customer Name Modifier
  • Employee Modifier
  • Inventory – Item Number Modifier
  • Inventory – Item Number Combiner
  • Inventory – Item Description Modifier
  • Inventory  - Site Modifier
  • Inventory – Site Combiner
  • Salesperson Modifier
  • Territory Modifier
  • Territory Combiner
  • Vendor Modifier
  • Vendor Combiner
  • Vendor Name Modifier

If you have any questions or would like additional information I or one of the consultants at Intelligent Technologies, Inc. will be glad to assist you.

Cindy Reeves - Senior Microsoft Solutions Specialists. Intelligent Technologies, Inc.

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