Bridge the ERP “Expectations Gap”

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The potential business gains from Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) are abundant: critical data support for better decision-making, improved supply chain efficiencies, and streamlined processes that squeeze more profit from operations, just to name a few.


But what often creates a rocky path for companies to realize these gains, even when they have implemented the right ERP software, is an "expectations gap" among the various stakeholders within the firm. This gap can exacerbate "turf wars" between departments, slow employee adoption of the new system, and – if not mitigated – derail the project all together.

What happens when there is an "Expectations Gap"?


 Consider these 5 scenarios:

  • Although the ERP project endured the rigors of gaining executive endorsement and capital expenditure approval, it lacks a clear agreement on project vision and planning required to ensure ultimate success.
  • Ongoing company-wide endorsement, support, and active engagement are disproportionately small in relation to the strength of the justifications that initially "sold" the project to management. 
  • The human resources essential to delivering successful project outcomes are too often scarce, or worse, disinterested and unmotivated. They labor under the false impression that a well-integrated business solutions project offers little benefit to their day-to-day experience.
  • Overlooking the need to address and mediate cross-department project issues up front creates conflicting expectations of project outcomes, perpetuating classic "turf wars." 
  • Executive decision-makers, falsely believing that their job is done after they authorize procurement, retreat to the sidelines and await a project outcome. Yet, as certain as the winter snow in Minnesota, the project that lacks effective and engaged executive sponsorship is doomed before it begins.

 How do you bridge this gap?

 As part of your project plan, define exactly who the stakeholders are. Then think through such questions as:

  • How will this project impact their jobs?
  • What will be expected of employees in terms of training to use the system?
  • What are potential areas for tension or conflict resulting from project deployment?
  • Do we have sufficient human resources to fully realize the potential gains from this project?
  • What will cultivate a sense of "buy-in" from all stakeholders throughout the organization?
  • Will executive management remain engaged after "kick off"?

An experienced ERP solutions partner can walk you through these and other questions to help you bridge critical "expectation gap" issues – before they threaten your project’s success.


 For More Information

To learn more about how to bridge the "expectations gaps" specific to your ERP deployment, contact ERT Group at 954-825-0888.

Enterprise Resources Technology Group, Inc. (ERT Group) is a technology consulting firm that empowers companies to grow and succeed with business solutions that streamline processes, improve productivity, and squeeze more profit from operations. ERT Group is a Florida Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and a 2010 President’s Club member for Microsoft Dynamics – offering Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Microsoft Dynamics ERP.  


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