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2011 Trends: Report Shows Increased Investment in ERP Software Will Continue

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While many hardware and software industries have experienced a downturn during these tough economic times, ERP software continues its unabated ascent.  That surge in ERP investment is expected to continue, according to a study by Baseline, an IT publication.

Baseline surveyed approximately 400 US and Canadian business managers with at least 100 staff members, asking them which areas of technology will see some of their investment funding.  16 percent of respondents indicated they would greatly enhance their ERP implementations over the coming 12 months, and another 8 percent said they were planning at least a moderate increase.  Those companies also confirmed their plans to increase spending on CRM (Customer Relationship Management) and business process improvement software.

Although it counters other software trends, this is not surprising overall.  ERP and CRM software is so critical to business success and growth that any business facing economic difficulties would naturally look to their business operations for ways to improve productivity and increase profit.  Enterprise Resource Planning software such as Microsoft Dynamics GP is designed with that purpose in mind, and the tools it provides make it easy to implement and use.

As 2011 gets into full swing, we can expect to see more of a push from businesses to get ERP software solutions in place before their competition does.  It is a prime time to make changes to a business and adjust to the new reality of many industries.  Having an ERP solution in place before these major changes only makes sense.

By CAL Business Solutions, Connecticut Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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  1. I read an article today that discusses how business should not layoff during a downturn. Reading it reminded me that if your business is slow, now is the time to implement a new system.

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