Who Needs a Light User License for Dynamics GP?

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It is not easy to understand the difference between a Full-Access User and a Light User of Microsoft Dynamics GP.  Most conversations that we have about this topic often focus on a particular capability: “What license do I need if I want to <fill in the blank>?”  While this approach is helpful in addressing a specific need, it doesn’t go very far in communicating a real understanding of the value of the GP Light User. 

Let’s start with a basic definition of each type of user:

Dynamics GP Full-Access User – This user has a GP login and is entering and processing data inside of GP.  As long as they are logged in, they can make use of all of the Light User capabilities.  They are the “users” of GP.

Dynamics GP Light User – The Light User does not need a GP login.  They are accessing and sometimes entering (but not processing) the data through an interface other than the Dynamics GP client.  They are the “consumers” of the data that is entered and processed by the GP “users”.

With these definitions in mind, let’s take a look at how different user roles might interact with information in Dynamics GP using a Light User license.  (All of the capabilities mentioned require appropriate security access.)

An Accounts Payable Clerk is a “user” of Dynamics GP.  They spend their day entering and updating vendor information, processing payables invoices, and generating checks.  But they can also take advantage of some Light User capabilities as well.   A Light User license will allow the Accounts Payable Clerk to submit a purchase request through Requisition Management.

Organizations using Dynamics GP Human Resources or Human Resources and Payroll can give their employees self-service access to Human Resources and Payroll related data by implementing the Human Resources Self Service Suite (HRSSS).  HRSSS utilizes SharePoint to allow users to view and print their pay check history, change address and dependent information, and request time off. 

The Marketing Manager is responsible for creating marketing collateral and managing marketing campaigns.  Chances are they will never have a reason to enter or process data in Dynamics GP.   But that doesn’t mean that they can’t view the data that’s relevant to their role.  A Marketing Manager may want to analyze sales, which can be accomplished in a number of ways with a Dynamics GP Light User license.   On demand reports can be generated using Excel Reports or SQL Reporting Services.  The Manager may also wish to view Key Performance Indicators from Business Portal or SQL Reporting Services.  Using the Sales cube in Analysis Cubes for Excel, the Marketing Manager would be able to quickly maneuver through sales history to identify areas where they may wish to focus their efforts.  And of course, they can access their Human Resources data, submit purchase requests, and approve purchase requests submitted by their team.  All of these capabilities are included with the Dynamics GP Light User license.

Executives and upper management are typically interested in high level information.  The CEO often wants to see a flash report with a summary of weekly results by department or business unit.  The COO may wish to see similar information for sales or production.  The CFO may be interested in monitoring cash flow or may need to approve large purchase orders before they can be submitted to the vendor.  And they all want to review the financial results at the end of every month.  All of these requirements can be met by providing the Executives with a Dynamics GP Light User license.  As with the Marketing Manager, the Executives may wish to analyze data on demand in Excel, SQL Reporting Services, or in Business Portal.  The Light User license will provide them with access to the Management Reporter Viewer where they can view financial statements and drill into transaction level detail.  They can even submit approvals for Dynamics GP Workflow tasks through Outlook or SharePoint.

The accounting department is often charged with running and distributing printed reports to others in the organization.  Take a minute to evaluate whether it might be more efficient to allow those “consumers” of the information in GP to take advantage of a Light User license and access the information on demand.

Who needs a Dynamics GP Light User License?  EVERYONE!

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By Socius, a Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner in Ohio

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