If NetSuite is for “Dummies”, then Dynamics GP must be for……

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Recently, NetSuite’s web site proudly proclaimed the release of a new guide to their product called “NetSuite for Dummies”. I don’t know about you, but if I were a business owner forking over $25,000 to $50,000 a year to NetSuite, I would not want that revenue being used to write a publication referring to me that way. But that aside, the book does raise an interesting point – which product is easier to use, NetSuite or GP? Let’s take a look:

Ease of use – Microsoft Dynamics GP is tightly integrated with the Microsoft tools you use on a daily basis, such as Word and Excel. The user interface has the look and feel of Outlook, which creates a familiar experience for the end-users. You will not find that tight integration in NetSuite

Out of the box functionality – a recent Accounting Library study  comparing Dynamics GP to NetSuite found that Microsoft Dynamics GP met 84% of typical business requirements, while NetSuite met just 52% of those same requirements. This means that NetSuite users will need to rely heavily on customizations and third party products, which can create problems in NetSuite's shared multi-tenant environment.

Choice of version – Microsoft Dynamics GP is on-premise, NetSuite is Software as a Service. Simply put, that means GP users can decide when they are going to upgrade, where as NetSuite users cannot. When new versions of NetSuite are released, the clock is ticking on a forced conversion, which can mean an upgrade when you least favor it.

In the end, a side by side comparison of Dynamics GP and NetSuite will show you that Dynamics GP is the flexible, intuitive, user friendly solution that can grow with your business. As for NetSuite users who feel slighted by the “Dummies” label, don’t feel so bad – NetSuite says far worse things than that about Dynamics Partners!

By Intellitec Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner serving Pennsylvania

3 thoughts on “If NetSuite is for “Dummies”, then Dynamics GP must be for……”

  1. We manufacture ERP and are evaluating for an american company the ability to connect with their accounts in Dynamics GP 2013, would need a guide for access to the database to allow me to insert accounting entries, ledger accounts also.
    Could you please help me ?
    Thanks for everything,

  2. You might want to research before posting. This was not developed by NetSuite, it originated from a consulting firm. As for upgrading if you have worked with a lot of companies, how many would actual update their software if they had the chance, knowing that there systems will be down or could not function the same before the update. This leaves them using out dated systems and in the future having to pay a lot more money. Half the customer I know can't get support because there systems are out dates. How far back does Microsoft go on their support for legacy systems, there is a great question to ask so you have your pros and cons. One good thing I can say for any Software as a service is you are not locked in to a long term contract. Think about that when looking for your next Software application.

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