How Microsoft Dynamics GP Can Help Healthcare Organizations Address Top Industry Challenges

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As many of my colleagues here at Jackson Thornton know, the Healthcare Industry is facing significant challenges – updates to HIPAA, a move to Electronic Medical Records as prompted by the HITECH Act, and a need to collaborate and communicate across a community of providers.  How can a system like Microsoft Dynamics GP help clinicians, researchers, and administrators address these challenges?

By providing a foundation of feature-rich, flexible tools that offer integration to other industry-specific applications.  By promoting collaboration and communication through use of Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Exchange.  And by empowering employees through robust reporting tools like SmartList Builder and Microsoft SQL Report Writer.

Healthcare organizations also face internal pressures – the need to provide employees with self-service, web-based tools that promote information exchange and take the pressure off of the back-office staff.  Dynamics GP can empower employees through strong Human Resources Management and Requisition Management, eliminating significant amounts of paperwork and streamlining processes in order to reach maximum efficiency.

If you are a healthcare provider and are looking for ways to create efficiencies within your organization, I would encourage you to consider Microsoft Dynamics GP.   Partners like Jackson Thornton Technologies can assist in your efforts to implement and document standard operating procedures in order to meet federally regulated mandates while getting the exact functionality you need from the system.

by Jackson Thornton Technologies, Alabama Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner Serving Healthcare Industry

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