Extend the Functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP SmartList with Advanced SmartList

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I think most people would agree that companies that made the investment in an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solution, like Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), prior to the economic downturn can and should be relying on leveraging more of their system’s functionality to increase their efficiencies. Faced with the challenge of potentially having to do more with less, clients have been asking what they can do to avoid having to work more. A solution we’ve seen success with is one that enables users to work smarter instead of harder. What is it you ask? Well it’s a cost effective, third party add-on product called Advanced SmartList (ASL).

Advanced SmartList is a window grid that sits on top of SmartList, a GP tool that clients rely on and use every day. It’s been on the market for 6 years and is a solution certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD). The product is being used in over 350 companies with 1000’s of users across industries and around the world. The product provides users an enhanced analytical perspective of their SmarList data. Users can easily sort on multiple fields, sum columns of numbers, group with visual detail results, generate multiple snapshots of simultaneous views for quick side-by-side comparison and export results to Excel 5 times faster than with SmartList export. With this add-on solution GP users don’t have to learn how to use a new product to be able to make faster, better decisions; they’re really just learning how to use an existing product better and more effectively!

By Encore Business Solutions, Manitoba Microsoft Dynamics GP and AX Partner

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