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A Paperless Future for Sauder Thanks to PaperSave Document Management Software

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Halfway between Topeka and Wichita, Kansas, is the city of Emporia, where Sauder Custom Fabrication has been making steel pressure vessels for refineries for well over 80 years. But as the company improved and grew over time, the software it was using was stuck in the disco era. “What we had before was 35-year-old technology,” explained Sandy Moore, the company’s vice president/CFO/treasurer. “Once you filed something electronically you could never find it again. An invoice would go out for approval and never get paid. Or we’d have materials where the paperwork never made its way upstairs to be keyed in as received. We had to do something. We had no option.”

As time passed, Sauder found the software being used was no longer being supported and they couldn’t get parts for the hardware, either. Unfortunately the company was also experiencing the tail end of an economic down cycle and was forced to lay off a number of employees. Moore said she had personally taken on IT, human resources, administration and finance: “The last thing I had time for was filing. Finding documentation was just an impossibility.” Sauder had looked into several different options to improve productivity, even throwing money at a Genesis system that never worked right.  Then they decided to try a combination of Microsoft Dynamics GP, CRM and PaperSave.

“You always have a knot in the pit of your stomach regarding whether [a new software solution] is going to work,” confessed Moore, “and the introduction of it to people who had been working with the same system for 30-plus years!”

To find out if the combination of a PaperSavePro document management and electronic workflow solution, in concert with Microsoft Dynamics CRM and GP solved Sauder's dilemma, read the Sauder case study.

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