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7 Great New Features in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 for Human Resources and Payroll!

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Besides having added the Right Click Menu functionality and the default lookups that can exclude inactive employees, there are some very exciting new features added to the Human Resources and Payroll modules in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010.  Here are 7 favorite features: 

  1. Secondary Status Code Field
    There is a new field for tracking a secondary status code for active and inactive employees to provide more detail regarding leave.  An active employee might be on probation, awaiting grant assignment, or between school terms.  You could also use this as an additional reporting field to show whether an employee has exempt status. 
  2. W-2 Reporting Flexibility
    You can designate as many as four different locations on the W-2 forms for where the same amounts will be printed for some Pay Codes, Benefit Codes, and Deduction Codes.
  3. Fiscal Year Tracking for Payroll
    You can track Fiscal year values for payroll expenses rather than just calendar year for budgeting and reporting purposes.  You can also set both fiscal and calendar year limits for Benefits and Deductions.
  4. Simultaneous Pay Runs
    For organizations that have multiple payroll clerks who conduct separate pay runs for different departments or business units, they each can get through a build check process and validate transactions for errors and warnings. 
  5. Payroll Posting Edit List
    There is a Posting Edit List available to review the effect on the general ledger prior to printing and posting payroll.  This is helpful if you add a new department or payroll code and you want to make sure you have all of the posting accounts set up properly.
  6. Reprint Paystubs
    There is the ability to reprint paystubs and earnings statements! You can even print multiple checks at a time.
  7. Improved Garnishments Management
    If multiple garnishments are levied against an employee, you can now deduct the garnishments in a specified order until reaching the limits. For more information on this feature, please see our blog post Payroll Garnishment Management Made Easy in Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010


To learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 can help you automate your Human Resources and Payroll processes contact The Resource Group.

by Donna Church, The Resource Group – Seattle, Washington Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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