5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics NAV for Distribution

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The pressures of global competition and lean economic times create unique challenges for the distribution industry.  If your business is tied to conventional supply chain processes, it’s often difficult to predict and respond to customer demand.  Having an ERP system that can increase productivity and reduce costs is the best way to stay competitive in today’s market. Here are five reasons why Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a great solution for distribution organizations.

1. Inventory Management and Demand Planning
The ability to manage inventory and forecast customer demand is the backbone of distribution organizations.  The more accurately you can forecast, the less you need in safety stock - which means you save money by purchasing only what you actually need.  Dynamics NAV allows you to make better decisions about your inventory by categorizing products and performing an analysis based on the quantity sold, the sales volume sold, or the contribution margin.  You can also set parameters to decide when to replenish certain products and the quantity to purchase.  By establishing reliable demand planning practices and accurate order fulfillment, your customers will view your company as a trusted, dependable partner. 

2. Role Centers
NAV 2009 comes with 21 available Role Centers out of the box.  These provide a role tailored view of relevant information for employees’ specific functional areas.  Among these are Role Centers for Purchasing Agents and Accounting Managers, each of which requires access to different pieces of information in order to do their jobs. The Role Center for Purchasing Agents allows them to see everything they need to order inventory, create purchase orders, create quotes and view price lists, to name a few.  Likewise, the Accounting Manager is able to view the chart of accounts, budget information, approved and pending purchase orders, and all other information relevant to their role. More productive employees and streamlined processes mean your business saves money and works more efficiently.

3. Business Intelligence
Enhanced business intelligence and analytics allows you to see real-time data on business performance.  This means you have visibility into all areas of your organization, including inventory, supply chain, order management and customer data.  The result is the ability to make better decisions about how to increase value to your customers and negotiate better deals with suppliers. Plus, you can spend more time thinking of ways to grow your business instead of wondering how it’s doing.

4. CRM Integration
The integration of Microsoft Dynamics CRM streamlines business processes and helps ensure that information is accurate, updated, and easily accessible.  When building quotes and entering orders in Microsoft CRM, your sales people can be sure that the items quoted are in stock and that they have the most up to date pricing for their quotes and orders. Once the order is submitted, it is automatically sent for processing and fulfillment, which helps shorten the total time from order to delivery.

5. NAV in the Cloud
Dynamics NAV is available either as a traditional on-premise solution or via the cloud hosting option (see our earlier post about the benefits of choosing an ERP system in the cloud).  With the release of Dynamics NAV R2 2009, Microsoft has enhanced the remote access and hosting capabilities - it now includes online payment service and built-in integration with Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  The hosted option is a good choice for growing organizations that don’t have the budget to invest in IT infrastructure and implementation costs, but still want the benefits of a robust solution that can grow as your business grows.

For those of you exploring different ERP options right now, you’re probably tired of hearing about how “flexible” they are, and how they will make your business more “efficient.”  But what does that really mean for your business? Investing in an ERP solution should be the result of a carefully made decision, because it will be an integral part of your organization.  Get advice from professionals who take the time to see your world and optimize technology to help achieve your goals.  If you’re serious about creating business agility for your distribution organization, contact OmniVue today at 1-866-900-6348.

By OmniVue, a Georgia Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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