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Why Business Intelligence Should Be a Part of Your Business Practices within Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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In the day and age where information is available at our fingertips, why are so many companies still struggling to piece together two or three different reports to do the analysis they need?  Another struggle has been the combination of quantitative and qualitative data into one analysis.  With Microsoft Dynamics 2010 you do not have any excuses for not  implementing Business Intelligence practices in 2011.

Excuse 1: It’s a costly investment

Cost out how many hours are spent by people in your organizing trying to merge reports together. You would be surprised that it probably comes close to the cost of one cube.  Something we do not talk about enough is how Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010 has greatly improved on how well it lends itself to creating Business Intelligence cubes.  You can now have these reports directly stored into Dynamics GP and since all the data in stored in SQL tables it makes it easy to create and locate the information you want to use.

Excuse 2: It’s hard to personalize

As much as organizations like to think they are unique to a particular situation or type of report, chances are they are not.  As the BI practice continues to grow, the number of “Out-of-the-box” reports is becoming increasingly larger and the number of customization hours to tweak a report to your organization is dramatically decreasing.  The SQL tables are generally set up in a similar fashion and links to reports are easily transferable.

Excuse 3: It’s only the IT department who could run these reports

With Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010, you can now see the BI reports within your list of GP reports. Increasing numbers of graphic KPIs are supported and they have also included the capacity to share reports among other GP users.

There you have it. No more excuses why 2011 should not be the year you get your different departments on track to more efficiently analyze their business practices.  JOVACO Solutions can help you analyze your Business Intelligence and Microsoft Dynamics GP needs by calling 888-988-3535.

By JOVACO Solutions, Quebec Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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