Top 5 Reasons to Choose Microsoft Dynamics AX in the Cloud

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Dynamics AX is the latest addition to the Microsoft Dynamics product line.  It is designed for mid to large size companies who need a flexible, scalable solution that can handle multiple currencies, countries, and languages.  If you’re on track to outgrow your current ERP system, this is definitely a solution to consider.  As business technology continues to move toward the cloud, you should also start exploring the hosted or SaaS option for your ERP system.  Here’s why:

1.   Agility.  Besides death and taxes, the only thing you can depend on is change, and it comes in many different forms – mergers and acquisitions, new products and services, expansion into new markets – all of which affect how your business operates.  How will you manage change in the aftermath of such large events?  Dynamics AX is one of the most agile ERP systems available today.  It helps your supply chain relationships and internal processes adapt quickly to new circumstances, so your business doesn’t miss a beat.  It also empowers managers to proactively make decisions in real-time through business intelligence and analytics – allowing continuous visibility into company operations.

2.   Cloud computing is here to stay.  If you want your business to remain competitive, it’s essential to operate with relevant technology - otherwise you’ll be left standing on the ground, looking up at competitors thriving in the cloud.  This doesn’t mean traditional on-premise solutions will become obsolete, but they should only make up part of your application portfolio, not the whole thing.  It’s time to rethink your technology strategy and incorporate the efficiencies offered by the cloud.

3.   Globalization.  If you’re not already doing business across multiple countries and currencies, it’s likely that you will be in the near future.  Is your current solution flexible enough to handle it?  For organizations already operating on a global scale, consider running an ERP system in the cloud to reduce dependence on local hardware and maintenance.  It provides better visibility into your organization as a whole, regardless of the geographic location of your offices.  Plus, you can get new locations up and running more quickly than with on-premise software.

4.   Business Continuity and Security. When was the last time you reviewed your disaster recovery policy?  The more locations you have, the higher the chances of experiencing a disaster, especially if you have international offices.  Preventive measures include staying current on your upgrades and maintenance plans, which is easier to accomplish through the cloud. Concerned about security? Think about how many people currently have access to your financial data. It may be time to get a system that lets you control user access more effectively and only allows people to access what they really need.

5.   Compliance.  Dynamics AX makes it easier for your business to stay in compliance with rules and regulations, even across multiple geographic markets.  It’s difficult keeping up with regulatory changes in one location, so imagine the challenges of managing multiple international offices.  AX helps ensure compliance by allowing you to control specific aspects of your processes and workflows that are relevant to certain regulations. It includes a secure Compliance Center to help you manage policies and procedures, financial reports, risk indicators and audit documents. When employees are empowered by the efficiencies of Dynamics AX, it’s easier to stay on top of corporate governance requirements.

By choosing Dynamics AX in the cloud, you’re doing more than streamlining your processes and working more efficiently - you’re actually investing in better business agility for your organization.  Contact OmniVue today to learn more about hosting this highly flexible solution.

OmniVue, a Georgia Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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  1. Great blog!

    I know Clients are concerned about going to cloud, disaster recovery, data security, but sometime I have found hosting provides better security and disaster recovery that Clients had currently!. ….The fear of change.

    If it helps, I have also written about the top 10 reasons to choose Michael Dynamics AX. you can find it at;

    Hope it’s of interest.

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