Six Hot ERP Topics for 2011

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2010 was an exciting, sometimes scandalous year for ERP software. gathered 11 hot topics in the ERP world and offered some interesting predictions for the coming year. These are six we found interesting:

1.  More Selective ERP Customers

ERP customers are becoming more selective with more vendor choices and more implementation options . This is good news for the customers, if not a little overwhelming.

2. On-Premise and SaaS ERP Coexisting

Microsoft calls this phenomenon Software -plus-Service, where the customer benefits from a hybrid implementation of both cloud and on-premise ERP.

3. Expect More Implementation Failures

Business news in 2010 was filled with ERP horror stories.  These are usually the result of poor implementation rather than poor software.

4. Oracle Fusion Apps Not So Exciting

Although Oracle offered big promises for their Fusion Applications, advertising a revolutionary ERP suite, they failed to deliver in a timely fashion, and many customers are losing interest. 

5. ERP Licensing, More Options and More Confusion

Do you want software as a service, a hybrid deployment, a public cloud, a private cloud, a hosted solution, on-demand software, a custom application platform, or one of the many other options?  The number of options continues to grow, and they come with a whole new glossary of tech terms.

6. Mobile ERP, More Hype Than Substance

Although you cannot go anywhere without hearing about the latest app for this phone or that tablet, ERP mobile apps have not found their way into the hearts of business executives.  ERP vendors will continue to create "killer apps", but do not expect widespread adoption.

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