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MRP vs. ERP Software: Which is Right for You?

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    According to this article on Tech News, MRP or Material Software Planning software is not always the right solution for businesses. For custom products or low-volume production companies, MRP is not a wise investment.

    ERP software, however, is designed to streamline processes and help with accounting, sales, production, logistics, and much more. ERP software is sometimes available as a suite of integrated modules that work together to share information among decision makers so that informed decisions are made.

    We here at Sikich are a Chicago IL Microsoft Gold Certified Partner and Microsoft Inner Circle member serving the Midwest specializing in the implementation of a range of ERP software products- Microsoft Dynamics GP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Microsoft Dynamics SL.

    Microsoft Dynamics ERP solutions manage critical business processes, respond quickly to change, and make the most of your assets and resources. Built on familiar Microsoft technologies, these ERP solutions are simple to use and deploy—and easy to customize and adapt as business needs change.

    ERP and MRP solutions are both worth looking into as a company to maximize your efficiency. Do your research and find which solution is right for you. Visit our website to check out our comprehensive business valuation services and contact us to learn more about whether Microsoft Dynamics ERP is right for you. Make sure to also follow us on Twitter at @SikichLLP for informative ERP updates and offerings.

    By Sikich, a Microsoft Dynamics GP partner and Microsoft Dynamics AX partner with additional offices in St. Louis, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Denver.

    2 Responses to “MRP vs. ERP Software: Which is Right for You?”

    1. Existen soluciones de software que complementan a los MRP para resolver sus carencias. Estas soluciones denominadas APS (Advanced Planning & Scheduling) planifican la producción a capacidad finita, aportando beneficios como:
      – Conocimiento de fechas de entrega fiables
      – Menores retrasos
      – Reducción de tiempos de cambio
      – Reducción de inversión en stock en curso
      – Maximización de la facturación en un periodo

      Es posible ampliar esta información visitando IzaroAPS de grupo i68 en


    2. A very informative and professional read 🙂

      Personally the way in which ERP allows for integrated modules that work together to share information wins for me.


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