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How to save 30 hours per month producing Financial Reports with Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010

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We all hear about productivity gain claims. How about this one? I talked to one of our ERP software customers the other day and she told me she spent 30 hours per month preparing financial statements. These statements involved multiple companies with intercompany activities. Further, the ownership of these companies is complex. And when we talked further, we determined that most of her time was spent exporting data out of Dynamics GP into Excel and then copy and pasting it into some Excel formatted financials! Thirty hours!

We analyzed the work she was doing and determined that we could do almost all of it with FRx. Now, her company has tasked us to recreate and improve these reports. As you may know, Management Reporter replaced FRx in Dynamics GP 2010. When she moves to Dynamics GP 2010, we'll migrate her FRx reports to Management Report using the Migration Wizard. Several other reports will be replaced by simply connecting Excel to Dynamics GP via ODBC.

In addition, her new reports will provide complete drilldown from the financial statement to the General Ledger detail and even the source transaction! She sure didn't have that before!!

We know we can save her at least 25 hours per month! And, his strategy is delivered with "out of the box" functionality. Microsoft continues to set the curve by enabling customers to manage their businesses!

By REACH-Solutions - Arkansas Microsoft Dynamics Partner

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