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Microsoft Dynamics® GP is a comprehensive solution that gives your people fast, relevant access to information using familiar Microsoft tools. Rapid, flexible deployment options, a familiar user experience designed to maximize personal productivity, and the ability to quickly bring together people and systems to help you run your business efficiently and drive business success.

The functionality of Microsoft Dynamics GP is helpful for all businesses, but as we all know, no two businesses are exactly alike. This is why customizations and extensions are sometimes in order. The Developer Toolkit for Microsoft Dynamics GP includes eConnect, Visual Studio Tools for Microsoft Dynamics GP, and Web Services. You can use these tools to build Microsoft .NET-based solutions, customizations, and extensions for Microsoft Dynamics GP 2010. Let’s take a closer look at one of the components of this kit and how it can help customize your solution:

eConnect: eConnect is a collection of tools, components, and interfaces that allow applications to programmatically interact with Microsoft Dynamics GP. eConnect allows you to enhance your applications in the following ways:

  1. Add real-time access to Microsoft Dynamics GP data: eConnect provides real-time access to back office data. It offers a way to add up-to-date back office information to existing front office applications like web storefronts or service applications.
  2. Share financial management data across applications: These eConnect interfaces allow external applications like web storefronts, web services, point-of-sale systems, or legacy applications to integrate with Microsoft Dynamics GP. The external applications can perform actions like creating, updating, retrieving, and deleting back office documents and transactions.

We here at Rimrock are a boutique consulting firm that specializes in the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics GP and Microsoft Dynamics CRM software solutions. Please contact us for more information on how you can better develop Microsoft Dynamics GP to fit your business needs.

By Rimrock Corporation, Toronto Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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