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21 Strategic Benefits of Job Cost (Project) Accounting Software

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It’s easy to see how a new financial/project management and accounting system delivers tactical value to a company. For example, if you are project driven, you are implementing ERP software to enhance your job costing or cost (project) accounting, get new functionality and integration, and improve operations and efficiency. These are tactical benefits. As nice as these are, more important are strategic benefits.

Whereas tactical benefits help you do day-to-day activities more easily and more effectively (e.g. get invoices out quicker), strategic benefits impact the health of your business (e.g. improve cash flow). They empower you to reduce cost, gain competitive advantage, improve customer satisfaction, boost employee morale, and increase productivity, revenue, and profitability. To understand the distinction more clearly, see a full list of five tactical benefits and 21 Strategic Benefits.

Don’t settle for mere tactical benefits. Have the vision to plan for and provide strategic value in a new system that raises your organization to the next level—so you don’t merely survive a business phase, but thrive in the marketplace. If you are project-centric, look for the strategic value you can derive from Job Cost Accounting Software in Microsoft Dynamics SL.

by Synergy Business Solutions, Microsoft Dynamics SL Gold Enterprise Partner on the West Coast

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