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“Release Your Data from its Earthly Bounds, and Let it Soar to the Cloud”

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Who writes this junk?  Well, I do.  It’s certainly not classic prose, and I think it’s too long to fit on a fortune cookie message.  But it’s definitely trendy.  And guess what, many are still reluctant to maintain their accounting data on a remote server, out there somewhere, easily accessible via the Internet.  Here are a few reasons why those who are reluctant might reconsider.  These are standard features of a good application hosting environment

  • Standard IT system security procedures ensure that user access is dynamically controlled and managed
  • The transmission of data between the server and the user incorporates 128 bit encryption to protect the data as it moves back and forth
  • Security related patches and service packs for operating systems and related software are routinely applied in a timely manner
  • Physical security to the hosted servers is tight and administered by an objective third party
  • Data backups are performed on a daily basis and become part of a standard disaster recovery plan
  • Data centers are regularly audited to ensure that they are compliant to SAS-70 standards

Still think it’s safer to have your data in the office next to you?  A few years ago we picked up a new client, and their primary reason for making a move to the cloud was that in the prior weeks, someone had broken into their office and stolen their server.  End of story.

By RoseASP, a major provider of hosted Dynamics solutions.

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