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Why Work With a Microsoft Dynamics GP Source Code Authorized Partner?

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Few Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly known as Great Plains) partners have access to Source Code.  A primary reason is that the foundation for Microsoft Dynamics GP is the Dexterity development environment.  Dexterity was initially created by Great Plains for the purpose of developing the Great Plains application – and there are few partners with Dexterity developers on staff.  While Microsoft has made customization of the GP application possible with the .Net developer tools (and there are many .Net developers around), there are certain types of customizations that must be developed in Dexterity. 

Now it is certainly possible to be an accomplished Dexterity developer without ever having seen one line of source code.  Dexterity developers can trigger custom scripts almost anywhere in the application. And techniques exist to determine the script flow through the application. Access to source code, however, gives a developer the opportunity to develop more complex customizations faster and with less code.  This enables the partner to save their customers’ time and money.   Without source code a developer can certainly log “scripts”, as they are called, but they have no way of knowing if the specific scripts called are affected by a simple configuration or setup change.   Remember that Microsoft Dynamics GP is a heavily setup driven application – simply changing a radio button or checkbox can significantly alter the flow and behavior of the application.  As a developer, referring to source code will show the various considerations that must be taken into account when incorporating customizations into Microsoft Dynamics GP. 

Although a developer does not require source code to create Dexterity customizations for Microsoft Dynamics GP, with source code a developer can create very tight customizations with a minimal amount of code triggered at strategic places in the application.  And these “strategically placed” customizations generally withstand the test of time – our experience has been that the majority of our code will upgrade from version-to-version without any changes beyond recompilation.

Source code is not to be used to copy and replicate scripts and routines – that violates the software license agreement.  But using source code to see “how” something is accomplished – and leveraging source code to determine where to strategically place customizations – makes for quick and clean development. As a Source Code Authorized partner, Sherwood Systems takes advantage of its knowledge of the source code and table structures to develop complex customizations, enhancements to Microsoft Dynamics GP (Great Plains), and interfaces to other software products. We are certified and have experience on various Microsoft products, including Visual Basic (VB), SQL Server Programming, Access and Excel, as well as extensive knowledge of Crystal Reports.

If your organization is located in Arizona or New Mexico, contact Sherwood Systems for assistance in determining if a technology solution can help your organization better serve your business needs. (877) 943-9696      –   By Ed Bonaski, Sherwood Systems – Arizona Microsoft Dynamics GP Partner

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