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What Does it Stand For? Your ERP Acronym Guide.

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Are you confused by all of the acronyms used by Microsoft and VARs? Oops, I just did it; VAR – Value Added Reseller. I do my very best to eliminate the three-letter acronyms when speaking with those evaluating ERP solutions, however I know a couple may slip through; so, to be safe, below is a quick reference guide. Going thru the selection process for a new application is hard enough so keep this list handy or better yet just say, “What does that stand for?”

AA: Analytical Accounting

AM: Advanced Management (an edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP)

AS: Authentication Service

BE: Business Essentials (an edition of Microsoft Dynamics GP)

BI: Business Intelligence

BP: Business Portal

BRAP: Business Ready Advantage Plan

BPOS: Business Productivity Online Standard Suite:  Microsoft’s cloud services, including versions of Exchange, SharePoint, Live Meeting , Office Communicator and Dynamics software.

BRL: Business Ready Licensing

CALS    Client Access Licenses: Associated with a server product e.g. SQL Server.

CfMD: Certified for Microsoft Dynamics

CRM: Customer Relationship Management

DCO: Dynamics Client for Office

DDV: Drill Down Viewer

EFT: Electronic Fund Transfer

EDI   Electronic Data Interchange: The direct transfer of data from one computer to another without the use of paper.

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning

GL: General Ledger

GP: Microsoft Dynamics GP (formerly Great Plains)

HR: Human Resources

IIS: Internet Information Services

IM: Integration Manager

ISV: Integrated Software Vendor

KPI: Key Performance Indicator

LMT: License Model Transition

MBL: Module Based Pricing

MR: Management Reporter (formerly FRx)

MRP: Manufacturing Resource Planning

PDK: Personal Data Keeper

PM: Payables Management

PO: Purchase Order

PTO: Paid Time Off

RM: Receivables Management

SAAS: Software as a Service. Delivering software over the Internet or “Cloud Computing”.  Often associated with a “Pay as you go service”.

SIS: Single Instance Storage

SLP: System List Price

SOP: Sales Order Processing

SP: SharePoint

SPLA: Services Provider License Agreement

SRS: SQL Reporting Services

UI: User Interface

VAR: Value Added Reseller

VPC: Virtual Personal Computer

WSF: Windows SharePoint Foundation

XBRL: Extensible Business Reporting Language

Still stumped by a three-letter acronym? Maybe I can help.

By Fara Panah, Systematica Inc. Microsoft Dynamics GP California Partner

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